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Collector's News (Page 9)

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12/6/04 4:04 pm - We have a Winner!!!
A big congratulations to Craig from Ontario for being the site's 10,000th visitor and picking up a free Comic-Con Exclusive Smeagol Bust. My sincere thanks also to all the gracious site visitors who have helped make this effort worthwhile!! I hope perspectivevirtual.com continues to be a valuable resource to you in the coming years.

So, I suppose it's time to upgrade the web-counter. I think a cap of 1,000,000 should do it! Break that and I'll find something really nice! No, probably not that nice ;)

Happy Collecting,
the SpaceMan

12/4/04 3:45 pm - Han Solo Figure is Available!!
For those who have followed Sideshow's new venture into the StarWars product lineup, Han Solo has been a much anticipated figure. This impressive 1/4 scale replica will stand around 1.5 feet tall. It is just the second entry in this series, following the now sold-out Luke Skywalker. In fact, the 'Exclusive' version of Han Solo (250 Ed.) with battle of Yavin medal was just bought up almost instantaneously. Follow the link above to grab one of only 2,500 available in the standard version.

11/8/04 2:08 am - Please Break my Webcounter!!
PerspectiveVirtual.Com is pleased to announce a brand new web contest and prize giveaway, for a mint-in-box Smeagol 1/4 Scale Bust(Comic-Con Exclusive)!! Response to this website has been overwhelming and I appreciate very much the support of all my loyal visitors! We've now eclipsed 8,000 visitors (I attempt to count each once per day max) and 10,000 is looming just over the horizon. There is only one problem: I built my webcounter to accomodate only 4 digits! Clearly, a small redesign is in my future, and it seems only fitting that the guilty party should receive their just reward. So -- the Smeagol bust goes to the first registered user to visit and log into the site once the 10,000 visitor mark is hit. International shipping is included for free, but any possible import duties or tariffs are the responsibility of the winner. The winner will see an instant onscreen confirmation after logging into the collection manager, and will be contacted shortly thereafter via email to work out the transaction details. Like last time, the winner's name & home city will be posted to this news page pending their permission.

Good Luck!!
the SpaceMan

11/8/04 1:46 am - Back in Business
As regular site visitors know, eBay periodically makes tweaks within their website code which can cause malfunctions in the automated collection of our archived auction data. The site recently experienced such an outtage. Unfortunately, about 5 days auction closings were lost permanently. However, I'm pleased to announce that we're again fully functional and much of the delayed data has been successfully recovered.

Happy Collecting,
the SpaceMan

8/21/04 3:16 am - Low Stock Alerts
Sideshow has announced that several popular pieces are soon to be sold out. The metal-cast 1/4 scale Sauron helm is limited to 5,000 copies, and is expected to be gone within a week. The recently announced Mouth of Sauron bust has just been assigned an edition size of 4,000 pieces, and is also selling quickly. If you have been watching and waiting, grab these affordable items up now while they are still available! For the extreme collector, Sideshow's enormous Alien Queen replica bust is atop many wishlists. This pretty little thing will likely also be going the way of the Big Red Hand within the week. At a production of only 1,500 worldwide, it is sure to maintain a position of high desirability.

8/6/04 10:05 pm - Congratulations to our drawing Winner!
To help promote interest in our new collection management system, it was recently announced that one lucky registered user would be randomly selected to receive a free limited edition Cave Troll Hammer. My sincere congratulations go out to Rodrigo Longhi from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for becoming our first (of many???) prize giveaway winner! A continued "Thank You" also to all of the regular visitors who support this site and help make its ongoing improvement a worthwhile and fulfilling effort.

8/6/04 10:05 pm - Low Stock Status Alerts!
Sideshow has again announced several LOTR items for which only a small number of copies remain. Some may be in jeopardy of selling out soon, so act now if you've been watching anything on this list.

8/6/04 9:55 pm - The Force is Strong with This One
Sideshow Toy has announced that the first entry in their new Star Wars collaboration is now available for preorder. This appropriately chosen debut captures Luke Skywalker's iconic pose as he considers what paths his future may hold while gazing into the twin setting suns of Tatooine. These figures will stand at an amazing 1/4 scale (around 18 inches on average), and are constructed of mixed media, featuring polystone sculpture, fabrics and metals. The edition size has not yet been announced, but the word from Sideshow is that it will be 'modest' . Get your preorders in early for this one, and be there from the very start for an exciting new product line! (official product photos to be released at a later date)

7/31/04 11:24 pm - The King of Comic-Con has Arrived!!
After a somewhat painful wait, one of the most highly anticipated new pieces from Comic-Con 2004 has finally been made available for pre-order. The orc general Gothmog riding into battle atop his warg mount is sure to be an instant classic. The sculpt looks fantastic, and I know the tremendous scale will please collectors. Follow the links to see detailed pics and a flash viewer. As always, our sincere thanks to those who support this site by your purchases!!
Happy Collecting!

7/25/04 7:54 pm - Cave Troll Hammer Giveaway!!
I'm eager to see more of our site vistors start utilizing the new Collection Management System to track their own pieces. So -- I decided a little incentive might be in order! Two weeks from now one random user with an active Collection Manager account will be selected to receive a free Cave Troll Hammer! This is mint-in-box. You may recall that this was a bonus item available with purchase to 'Adventure Card' holders, in association the Two Towers Extended DVD. It is exactly the same size as the replica held by the full size Cave Troll figure, and makes a great 'substitute' for those who missed out on the original. The hammer is cast at 1/6 scale just like the majority of the full-figure sculptures. It stands almost a full foot tall, giving some insight into the immensity of the Cave Troll. All users hoping to participate in this giveaway must have their accounts activated by 12:00 midnight Central U.S., Sunday, August the 8th. Notification will be by email. With permission, the winner's name will be posted to this newspage shortly thereafter. International shipping will be included for the winner. Any import duties potentially assessed will be the winner's responsibility.


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