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Collector's News (Page 8)

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12/18/04 6:02 pm - Seasons Greetings and a Look to Next Year
Sideshow has recently provided a little hint that several new preorders will be available in 2005. I'm looking forward to seeing what's up their sleeve. A Mumakil for starters, hopefully! Merry and Pippin in Rohan/Gondorian armor are definately at the top of my wish list as well. I'd also love to see an Eagle, the King of the Dead, Faramir, Denethor, Galadriel, Eomer, a Siege Troll, some Mordor Orcs, a Gondorian Soldier or Guard, the Mouth of Sauron, Peter Jackson the Pirate and a few Environments (Rivendell, Barad-Dur). I'm sure you've all got your own lists as well! Here's hoping to a fine year for collectors.

Happy Holidays to all, and Happy Collecting,
the SpaceMan

12/18/04 5:57 pm - Gondorian Helms Available Monday
The previously mentioned Gondorian helms are scheduled to go on sale at 9:00 am (EST) Monday the 20th. There are only 1000 units, consisting each of four quarter-scale hand cast and hand painted metal helmets. Included in the set are the Citadel Guard, the Fountain Guard, the Gondorian Soldier, and the helm of Faramir. These will sell QUICKLY, most likely within hours. Click the image for a preview. You can also follow the same link Monday to shop.

12/18/04 5:22 pm - The Gates are Closed!

Well, that was quick! The 8,500 pieces of the Minas Morgul Environment are now gone. If you missed out, get on the wait list promptly. It seems people are chomping at the bit for new product to order. I'm amazed no new sculptures have appeared for the holidays. We'll see what they have planned.

But, as consolation, Sideshow is offering up some AMAZING deals on environments and plaques. Click here for ordering information. Included in the special are Helm's Deep and The Golden Hall for only $75 each. Also, Shelob is in stock, and discounted 30% to just $122.50. I got this one in myself a few days ago and am VERY impressed. I like it quite a bit more than anticipated. If you've been on the fence with Shelob, this is the time to go for it! Also discounted are the 'Meeting of Old Friends', 'You Shall not Pass!' and 'Escape off the Road' plaques. Last but not least, there is a second chance offer on Gandalf the Grey. He's back from the other side, grumpier than ever!

12/13/04 6:45 pm - The Gates are Opening ...
The final word from Sideshow is that the Minas Morgul environment will be available to order "late tonight". It seems that the global release of the DVD in different time zones (and even an earlier day for the EU!) has complicated the issue of how accept orders in an ordered and fair way. My best guess is around midnight west-coast US (PST).

Also, stay tuned for word on the set of four new Gondorian helms!

12/11/04 2:14 am - Gothmog on Warg is Riding Into the Sunset!!
The Gothmog on Warg figure is desperately close to selling out. The big red hand has already claimed all but 3 items from the figures & statues category. Soon only Gandalf the Grey and the Haradhrim will remain. Act fast if you haven't yet ordered this impressive collectible! Click the image link to shop.

12/11/04 1:20 am - King Elessar Crown with Minas Morgul Purchase
Here's the update on the King Elessar Crown rumors. Sideshow has officially confirmed here that the crown will be a FREE gift to all who purchase the upcoming Minas Morgul environment. You pay only shipping costs.

As you know, the ROTK Extended Edition debuts in stores Monday night at 12:00. In the Collectors Series DVD box (with the Minas Tirith Environment) will be a code to grant entry through the gates of Minas Morgul. Until then keep checking the countdown page, especially through the day Monday. There has already been an update, posting winners of the previous contest and announcing entry rules for a new one. US/non EU collectors have a chance at the Witch King, while EU residents get a Fell Beast figure. The Witch King is in my personal collection. I can't say it is quite my favorite piece overall, but I do call it the most visually impressive collectible Sideshow*Weta has brought to market.

Good Luck!!
the SpaceMan

12/11/04 12:34 am - Han is Nearly Gone!!
This Space Pirate is about to make his final getaway! Less than 100 pieces remain for pre-order at Sideshow. Move quick on this one folks! Click Here.

12/7/04 12:20 am - Product Links are Fixed
Apologies if some noticed recently that any of the product links to Sideshow have been misdirected. These were artifacts of a transition to new affiliate linking software which they are now using. The vast majority of links should once again be operating properly now. If you see any errors, please drop me a line at spaceman@perspectivevirtual.com.

As most of you know, these links are the principle source of funding for the site. There is no cost to the user, but Sideshow does offer a comission for all sales referred to them. For your convenience, following just a single link to any page on their site is sufficient to ensure that all items placed in your cart will be credited according to your wishes. As always, I offer my continuing and sincere thanks to those who choose to support the tracking software in this way.

with my thanks,
the SpaceMan

12/6/04 6:57 pm - Countdown to Minas Morgul!!!
It's just about a week now until the home video release of the Return of the King Extended Edition which ROTK film fans have been eagerly awaiting for the last year! You'll recall that one year ago the ROTK theatrical and TTT EE video were a time of great excitement for the fan community and also marked a tremendous shift in the way Sideshow*Weta's collectible figures were viewed and valued. Within a short period of time almost all remaining figures were sold out and the aftermarket trading phenomenon shifted into a whole new gear. I attribute this to the excitement of the films and also partially to the brilliant marketing plan whereby the Smeagol figure was included in the collectors DVD pack.

Sideshow is again rising to the occasion for the holiday season, and the Countdown to Minas Morgul has begun. Included in next week's DVD collector's pack will be a highly detailed miniature of the white city Minas Tirith and an online code by which the companion city of Minas Morgul (the corrupted Minis Ithil) can also be ordered. Visit Sideshow for details. Also, click the image link at the upper left where newsletter subscribers can learn how to enter a giveaway for the DVD set and BOTH sculptures. Sideshow has confirmed there will be a contest for the FANTASTIC and SOLD OUT Morgul Lord as part of the festivities, and they have hinted there may be limited exclusive opportunities to purchase other long-gone items at retail. You may have also heard rumors about the new upcoming entries in the helm series. More on this as there is confirmation of details.

12/6/04 5:56 pm - Go Check out a preview of Sauron
Newsletter subscribers already know that Sideshow has given us a little teaser about the upcoming Sauron Figure. I'm glad to see that the pose is reasonably distinct from the Morgul Lord figure. The chosen moment is at the creation of the ring from the FOTR prologue. Follow the image link above for in-production shots and an answered questions list. Note that the sculpture is not yet painted, and it is believed that several armor sections are yet to be added. This may reduce the 'slender' look of the prototype.


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