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Collector's News (Page 7)

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2/20/05 1:53 pm - The Three Riders are Coming!!

To the surprise of many collectors, Sideshow has chosen to revisit three of the central hero characters. Aragorn on Brego at the black gate and Gimli and Legolas on Arod have both been officially announced as additions to the mount and rider series of sculptures. I have to admit a bit of skepticism, but if the tremendous Gandalf on Shadowfax is any indication, then these are not to be missed. I'm ordering for myself, and looking forward to being convinced by the pics once they are released. Gimli and Legolas are up for sale already, and both figures are now available in the collection manager. Also coming soon is an exciting new helm - the Mask of the Morgul Lord.

2/18/05 4:33 pm - Darth Wayne
The latest Sideshow bounty to come our way from the 2005 Toyfair is an exclusive 2000 piece Darth Vader with mouse droid. Already sold out at StarWarsShop.com, you can ONLY pick up this third entry in the StarWars 18" series direct from Sideshow. He's on sale NOW, so click the image to get your orders in early. Also new is a 12 inch poseable John Wayne figure in the uniform of a Pacific theater Marine. Preview now, and order tomorrow!

2/18/05 1:19 am - 20K in the Rear View Mirror
Wow! Twenty-thousand unique per-day visitors have passed through the doors of this website! It sure went a lot faster than the first 10 thousand (remember the Gollum Bust giveaway?) and I'm excited to see where we go from here. Thanks so much to all who support the site in various ways, including helping to get the word out to other collectors!

the SpaceMan

2/18/05 1:16 am - The Site is Expanding!
Hello Friends,

I'm excited to finally announce the first step in a new era for ToyTracker.Net!! We're expanding beyond the core auction tracking of SideShow's Lord of the Rings collaboration with Weta Studios. After over two months of quiet groundwork, a completely new tracking facility is now available www.toytracker.net/sideshow/ for select additional Sideshow licenses, including James Bond, Star Trek, the Muppets, the Simpsons, Planet of the Apes, and assorted Sci-Fi and Comic Book characters. A single collection manager account is fully functional across both areas.

I hope you all enjoy. It's a great time for collectors, and I look forward to a great year at ToyTracker.Net.

2/17/05 1:31 am - The Way is Shut ...
but not for Long! Starting this Friday, you can finally put those orders in for two of the most requested unmanufactured figures: the King of the Dead and the Battle Troll of Morder. Click the pic's now for a preview and again to order once they go up for sale. As always, thanks so much to those who help the site in this way!

happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan
UPDATE 2/18 Sideshow has surprised us all by opening up these items a little early. So what are you waiting for ? ... Get Clicking!

2/17/05 1:17 am - FrankenPunisher
It's going to be a great week for Sideshow collectors of all stripes, as around 30 new products are expected to debut, including at least one new license. Follow the photo links for an early peek at SilverScreen Frankenstein and the Punisher.

2/9/05 1:08 pm - Toy Fair is Upon Us!!
Toy Fair is coming up quickly, making the next couple weeks a real highlight for collectors. As just a little taste of the goodness in store for us, Sideshow has pre-released the 'Wounded Orc' bust and 'The Lady Galadriel' will debut as a figure on Friday. Click the Pic's to preview and order!

2/9/05 12:19 pm - ToyTracker.Net
Hello Friends!

I'm very glad to finally be back online in full working order!! I'm sorry to any who have found the site missing or improperly functioning in recent days. However, this is all in the name of progress! If you are currently accessing the site at the address www.perspectivevirtual.com/weta then I want to let you know about a new option which is available to you. There is now a second homepage address www.toytracker.net which I hope will be simpler to remember and to type. However, the two sites are fully synchronized and interchangeable so that you can track, view and manage your collections from whichever location you prefer!

Thanks for the support & Happy Collecting to All,
the SpaceMan

1/15/05 8:32 pm - The Fellowship is Complete
Fresh from the ORC convention is a preview image of the upcoming Pippin, Guard of the Citadel figure (2000 PCS worldwide). For my money, this was the #1 unsculpted must have character. Sales begin January 24th at 9AM (PST) exclusively from Sideshow. As always, my Sincere thanks to those who support ongoing development of this resource by using our affiliate links! Now I'm holding out for 'Meriadoc, Squire of Rohan'! UPDATE 1/22 The initial pre-ordering time has been moved back three hours to NOON PST on Monday. Good Luck!!

1/8/05 5:12 pm - The Dark Lord is Revealed
The long awaited final images of Sauron the Deceiver are now available at Sideshow*Weta. This 'flagship' of their product line is a homerun at TWICE the stature of humans and elves. Follow the links for breathtaking armor detail and a full Flash turnaround.


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