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Collector's News (Page 6)

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4/10/05 1:36 am - Found: 100 Missing Auctions
Hi All. There was a glitch last week which caused about 100 auctions to go unrecorded. They have now been rounded back up and inserted into the official database. Enjoy!

4/10/05 1:33 am - New Product Valuation Method is Online
Thanks to everyone who gave input while I was considering some modifications to the product valuation method! The vote was more than 3-1 in favor of the change, and I also personally feel it better reflects my intentions for the value index. It is supposed to be a fairly stable number which does not get too caught up with trends (that's what the "last five" and "fifteen days" numbers are for!), but on the other hand, it shouldn't be overpowered by outdated statistics. I think the current implementation is a good compromise and I hope that you agree! Thanks for all the support!

the SpaceMan

3/17/05 8:10 am - Weathertop Polystone Environment
There's a new environment - Weathertop - coming up for order this Friday, the 18th. It's a great surprise to me (but a pleasant one!) that we would have another new product so soon after the overwhelming announcements from ToyFair. Apparently this piece has been sculpted and in the archives for several years, and this is finally its chance to debut after a long storage. Click the image for a preview, and to order starting tomorrow! UPDATE 3/19 Weathertop is now open for order here. My sincere thanks as always!!

3/16/05 11:36 am - Help Me Assign Proper Auction Tracking Values
I'm sure all visitors here are quite well aware of the recent dramatic upsurge in resale prices on several Sideshow*Weta LOTR figures. I've been concerned for a while that my auction tracker was not strongly enough reflecting current sales of increasingly rare items as compared to the very large number of older and lower priced sales. So - I've devised a new system of valuation, but I'd like some feedback before implementing it, or perhaps modifying the scheme to some third choice.

You can check out a preview of the proposed new method here, and vote in a poll at Sideshow Freaks to let me know what you think.


3/16/05 10:37 am - Bug Fixes
Hello All - There are a few recent 'fixes' to the site which are worth mentioning. First, if you have had trouble reaching me via email at spaceman@toytracker.net (or my other related addresses), my apologies! This was a lingering problem from the conversion to the new homepage name, and is now fixed. Second, thanks to user RodLonghi who pointed out that the guestbook has been down recently. This is also back online. Last, my regrets also if you've had trouble using the thumbnail image links to either place orders or view detailed photos and product turnarounds. I've had to update these a couple times and am hopeful the recent versions will now remain stable.

Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

2/20/05 10:05 pm - Toy Fair All-Items Summary
Most of the goodies are out of the bag now, and it's just a matter of deciding what fits your taste and budget. There's definitely plenty to pick from for everyone. For a nice overview of all the new products please take a look at Sideshow's toyfair product page here.

2/20/05 9:58 pm - We're all going into Bond.

The fun never stops, though the funds are unfortunately another matter. First up is Roger Moore as Bond from Moonraker, now previewing. Already available for order are the 'Flight from Isengard' wall plaque, Dana Scully in Autopsy gear, and Fox Mulder from the X-Files episode 'HOME'. It's great to see the eagle Gwaihir make his first appearance. The plaque is bronzed in deep relief and looks really nice. Personally, I'm hoping there will also be a figure down the road.

2/20/05 3:52 pm - Helms Knee-Deep

If you're a collector of Sideshow's quarter-scale metal helmet replicas, then you have not been forgotten at ToyFair! It's a great lineup with five highly distinct entries from several of the Weta studio's most unique designs. Joining the previously mentioned War Mask of the Morgul Lord are: the Orc Muzzle Cage Helm, the Helm of the Mouth of Sauron, the Crown of the King of the Dead and the Helm of Eowyn.

What an amazing week it has been! Happy Collecting to all and thanks so much for supporting ToyTracker.Net !
the SpaceMan

2/20/05 3:35 pm - More to Marvel At!

The Marvel line is really starting to come into it's own with several new entries this week. You'll definitely want to at least peek at the AMAZING Wolverine-vs-Sabertooth diorama. Also offered are an alternate 'Tim Bradstreet' version of the Punisher, and 'The Thing'. Tracking for Marvel is available here.

2/20/05 3:26 pm - Toy Fair is Going Ape!

Sideshow has now announced all but one of the new Planet of the Apes figures. Included in this offering are the Mutant Leader, Mutant Jailor, General Ursus, Caesar and Astronaut Brent. The Mutant leader has been on sale for a few days. The rest of the pic-links offer a preview and will later redirect to the live order page as usual. Don't forget that we now offer auction tracking on several general Sideshow licenses, including PotA! Once the new figures get item numbers they'll be added to the tracker.


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