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Collector's News (Page 5)

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10/25/05 1:48 pm - SpookTacular 2005!!
SpookTacular 2005 will be opening up tonite, one minute after midnight Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to tune in for fantastic giveaways, special limited time discounts, product announcements and a five-day scanvenger hunt! Last year's event was legendary, so be sure not to miss out this time.

10/25/05 1:35 pm - Major Site Updates
Hi All - A little news update here is long overdue. I've been hard at work on the site over the last month, both "out front" and also behind the scenes. It's been a busy year for me personally, trying to finish a degree, wrapping up an old job, and transitioning to a new one. I've really enjoyed finally getting a bit of time to make some long-desired upgrades to the site though. One of the biggest additions is full tracking of Gentle Giant studio's full line of StarWars mini busts, quarter-scale resin figures and dioramas. On the Master Replica's side, the mini-sabers and Star Trek have finally gotten a proper representation. Also very exiting to me are the brand new plots within the "detailed" tracking page of every item, which provide a graphic representation of actual sale points and the value trend over a current three month span. This is still progressing, and soon the option will exist to view a larger zoomed image, and inspect varied lengths of history. Finally, I hope you've all had a chance to check out the "custom" value option on this same page. The little check-boxes to the left of every listing are used to selectively include or exclude that item from the average. The "check", "x" and "swap" image icons in the central data-box allow you to apply global actions quickly to the the entire list.

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!
the SpaceMan

9/29/05 12:18 am - Be Elite!
On sale Thursday, September 29, at Noon Eastern (11:00 AM Central, 9:00 AM Pacific) is the highly anticipated third entry in Master Replica's "Elite Edition" lightsaber series: Obi-Wan Kenobi's hilt from The Phantom Menace. The last entry shocked the collecting community by selling out in just 14 minutes. At 1250 pieces worldwide, this saber is only slightly less limited, and could possibly see even greater demand. Be sure to log in early via the "My Account" button at the MR homepage, then head over to the Limited Editions section and keep reloading until the saber appears at the scheduled time. You'll want to be sure your at a high-speed connection if at all possible! As always, thanks to all who support our ongoing development with your purchases!

Good Luck and Happy Collecting,
the SpaceMan

7/9/05 3:13 pm - The Force Will be With You ... Always
Just up for pre-order is the Obi-Wan Kenobi Premium format figure. Act quickly on this one while the Sideshow Exclusive version is still in stock, featuring a bonus Jedi Training Remote, on it's own pedestal stand. I got my Luke in just today and I'm more excited about this product line than ever. I had a few doubts early on, but I'm convinced now that these fantastic pieces are not to be missed. Also up for immediate purchase are the previously mentioned final LOTR items. The edition sizes are more modest than before on these, which should enhance their value and "collectibility".

7/4/05 11:13 am - Winner Number Two!
The winner of the 50,000th visitor contest on the LOTR side is David, from Flawil, Switzerland. My huge congratulations to him, and thanks to all who participated. It's exciting for me to hit this milestone on the site, and I appreciate all the fellow collectors who make this service an integral part of their "habit"!

He has selected the Orc Brute figure. It's a very nice piece in person, although often overlooked and admittedly a minor or ancillary character. Congratulations again, and Happy Collecting!

7/2/05 3:07 pm - And So it Ends ...

There's some mixed news to report today on the Sideshow*Weta front. There are three new items announced for production to be available soon for ordering, and these are in fact the final pieces to be released in that groundbreaking collectibles line. First up is a long-rumored environment, the High Seat of Amon Sul, a location featured in the climactic scenes of Fellowship of the Ring where Aragorn's faith is tested, and Frodo with his companion Sam make a departure for the Dark Lands. Second is one of my personally most anticipated releases, a Mumakil of the Haradrim army. I'm glad to see this one alive and charging - it should be fantastic. The final bow is a fitting tribute to the man who principally made all of this possible - Peter Jackson himself, posed as a Corsair warrior. If you have not done so, I suggest you check out the director's commentary track at the start of Return of the King, extended cut, disk 2. It will give some great insight into the fun these filmmakers had setting their cameras and megaphones aside for a few days to play "pirate" and get their faces onto film.

I offer my sincere thanks to the master craftsmen at Weta studios, and their skilled partners at Sideshow toy for making possible this unique line of collectibles which help enhance the enjoyment of these films for so many.

I plan for my site to continue into the indefinite future, and I hope it will continue to be a valued reference for collectors to benchmark their prized figures and make wise investments in the secondary market. The expansion into Master Replicas' fantastic prop lineup has been another step in a transformation which I hope will continue to make ToyTracker.Net a first stop for collectors of fine licensed film memorabilia of all stripes. Coming up next will be Gentle Giant's exciting StarWars figures, diorama's, clone war maquettes and mini-busts. I offer my thanks to all of you who have supported this site and helped put it on the map during our first year. Be sure to check out the image links above for a preview of the newly announce items, and my specal appreciation is given to those who choose to return for their ordering via my affiliate connections.

Happy Collecting to you All,
the SpaceMan

7/2/05 12:26 pm - Congratulations from TT.N
Congratulations to Grahame from South Burlington, Vermont who is the winner of our first prize giveaway on the new Master Replicas side of the site. He was vistor # 1138 to this new feature, and picked up a Luke Skywalker .45 scale ROTJ lightsaber replica.

Our third prize giveaway on the Rings side is also just around the corner. Just about 150 hits are left now until the 50,000th visitor gets their pick of 5 fantastic Sideshow*Weta products.

Good luck to all!
the SpaceMan

6/22/05 6:40 pm - Big Week at Master Replicas
There is a huge surprise announcement today from Master Replicas. The highly anticipated AT-AT Imperial Walker Snowbase Signature Edition (Phil Tippett, special effects and animation guru) is now up for pre-order to Collectors Society members. The general public gets their shot tomorrow morning, the 23rd, at 9:00 AM PST. The price is steep, but this model will be hard to beat for the ultra high-end collector. It faithfully reproduces the 19 inch tall filming miniature used in "The Empire Strikes Back", and also features a crashed rebel snowspeeder embedded in the ice-covered surface of the Hoth base. An acrylic dust cover is included.

Coming up next week, on Tuesday the 28th, also at 9:00 AM PST, is the second entry in the Master Replicas ELITE Lightsaber line. This piece will be the first reproduction of Luke's saber from ANH, itself the first ignited lightsaber seen onscreen in any StarWars film. Plucked by Obi-Wan Kenobi from the smoldering wreckage of his climactic duel with the fallen Anakin Skywalker, this is the saber he later tells Luke that "his father wanted him to have".

As always, my sincere thanks to all who choose to support this effort by ordering via my links!
Happy Collecting, the SpaceMan

6/15/05 2:33 pm - Win the SpaceMan's Stuff !!
In appreciation for the tremendous response to the LOTR tracker over the last year, and in celebration of the new Master Replicas tracking feature, I'm excited to announce two new contests to my users! We're rapidly approaching our 50,000th visitor to the the Sideshow*Weta area and that lucky individual will have their choice of five fantastic prizes : The Crown of King Elessar, the Golden Hall environment, or an Uruk Berserker, Shelob or Orc Brute figure. To help spread the news of our MR StarWars debut, I'm offering vistor number 1138 a Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 Scale Mini LightSaber.

Now for the details: My webcounters record each visitor only once per day. Visit as often as you like, but every day brings one new chance to win until each prize is claimed. You must be logged into the Collection Manager system to be recognized as a winner. Registration is easy, free and 100% spam-less. The prizes will be awarded to the first visitor at or above each of the magic numbers who logs into their account. A red-bordered congratulations window will appear at the bottom of each winner's web browser, and they will also be contacted shortly thereafter via email for contact information. Worldwide shipping is included, but any import tariffs or duties are the responsibility of the winner. Each winner must agree to have their first name and city of location posted in this news area.

Good Luck to All, and Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

6/13/05 6:04 am - Major Site Expansion
Hi All,
I'm really pleased to finally announce a long-anticipated upgrade to the site: The addition of tracking for Master Replicas Star Wars limited edition lightsabers and blasters. Please click here to check it out. I'll still be ironing out the bugs and filtering some sub-par sorting for the next couple weeks. Vehicles, helmets and mini-sabers will be on the way as well soon. I hope the current offering is still useful for the time being though. As always, my sincere thanks go out to those who choose to support development of the site by purchasing via our banner ads!

happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan


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