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Collector's News (Page 4)

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5/29/06 4:45 pm - Attention Bowen Collectors!!

Hulk Mini-BustThor Mini-BustMan-Thing Mini-BustAnt-Man Mini-BustCyclops Mini-BustIron Man Mini-Bust (Silver Age)Storm Mini-BustDeadpool Mini-Bust

I am most pleased to announce today, in collaboration with Azog's Collection and with special thanks to the Statue Forum, an extremely exciting addition to our group of tracked manufacturers. Starting today, you can now access ToyTracker.Net's Auction Index and Collection Management features for the full line of Marvel Statues and Mini-Busts from Bowen Designs!

Today also marks the debut of a new approach in the integration of our free tracking service at various locations across the web. You can now stay up-to-date with Bowen trading prices while you check out related News and Product Reviews with our friends at Azog's. For detailed item histories and tracking plots, they will kindly direct you back here. Stay tuned for similar collaborations which may be possible with a very select list of premier partner sites in the future!

Please click here to give the new system a look. Suggestions and corrections are especially appreciated during the initial Beta-Test phase.

the SpaceMan

5/27/06 3:11 am - Gentle Giant Updates
The Gentle Giant sorting algorithm has received an overhaul tonight. The net number of new auctions found is just around 150, but the count of listings effected, including removed and reshuffled auctions is much higher. Going forward, this section should have a notably higher catch rate, and improved accuracy in reporting.

5/21/06 10:13 pm - New Tracking Area
Hi All,
I'm pleased to announce the debut of a new tracking area: Marvel Figures and Busts by Attakus Collectibles. For you comic collectors out there, this is just a little snack to tide you over for a major announcement coming in about about a week. Stay tuned for the big news in collaboration with our friends at AzogsCollection.Com on Memorial Day, May 29!

5/17/06 3:27 am - 100,000
Wow! My thanks to each visitor over the past couple of years who has helped push the Sideshow*Weta tracking area guest counter past one-hundred-thousand! The site is a continued source of creative satisfaction for me, and I appreciate the support of collectors worldwide who have helped it grow to the current state.

Normally, I would say this milestone calls for a giveaway in celebration ... but I have an even better idea brewing for the next ToyTracker contest. Details are coming soon, I hope ;)

Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

5/7/06 4:20 am - Master Replicas Updates
A major overhaul of the Master Replicas area has just been completed. About 40 new items have been added, including all announced, but not-yet-for-sale items on the MR 2006 product plan. With thanks to Jedi_Rainman who posts at RebelScum, the Mini-Saber Variants are believed to be correctly and comprehensively listed in the Collection Manager. The net number of sorted auctions is essentially unchanged, at about 21,500. However, many previously missorted items have been removed or corrected, and many of the newly added items now have several listings. In total, over 5,000 auctions have been added, deleted or shuffled! These upgrades represent one more step toward improving overall accuracy and reliability of the Auction Tracker, and bring us closer to implementation of the User Online Error Reporting system.

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!
the SpaceMan

4/4/06 6:21 pm - Updates and Upgrades
Hey to all, and a little update/news.The Sideshow Collectibles area has had a huge makeover since Toyfair, with over 150 new items added, and the number of sorted auctions doubled. Some are entirely new product lines such as Buffy and Monty Python, while existing tracked lines such as Marvel, StarWars and LOTR 12"/PF have been expanded. Also, I am trying to distinguish effectively between exclusive and retail versions wherever applicable. One of the tougher tasks is splitting the two Sideshow LOTR lines apart from each other and the related Weta sculpts. I hope for some improvements there with experience and trial/error. Finally, fellow fans of Gentle Giant's work will be excited to see an up-to-date Star Wars section, and newly created areas for Harry Potter, The Matrix and Terminator.

Most of my time programming lately has continued to be of the behind-the-scenes variety, including a complete overhaul of my data storage facilities. This necessary groundwork will help ensure continued fast, reliable operation as I aquire larger volumes of data. It also continues to set the stage for the coming feature I remain most excited about: Real time auction sorting error reporting and repair available to registered users. The increased accuracy and confidence in valuation that this will bring to the site should be beneficial to all users.

As always, my sincere gratitude goes out to all of you who choose to support development at ToyTracker.Net by your linked purchases from Sideshow Collectibles, Master Replicas, and even eBay itself.

Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

1/18/06 5:15 am - Back in Business
Hi All -- If you're a regular to the site you'll have noticed that auction reporting has been offline for the last week or so. Thankfully, it has been a long time since eBay made any substantial formatting changes -- But that couldn't last forever, and they threw a serious curveball at me this time. After several marathon work sessions, I'm pleased to announce that we are again fully operational, and in fact running better than ever.

The site now rejects reserve-not-met listings, denotes "Buy-It-Now" and Fixed Price listings with a special icon: Buy-It-Now or Fixed Price Sale, and contains a few upgrades to help reduce erroneously sorted listings. Also, some groundwork has been laid for a user-run error reporting system (coming Soon!) which will let you fix any residual missorts yourself in real time!

Enjoy! the SpaceMan

12/23/05 3:47 pm - Welcome to Axiom Audio
I'd like to welcome a new partner of ToyTracker.Net: Axiom Audio Home Theater. When shopping to outfit my father's new theater room with speakers, we finally settled on Axiom for outstanding quality and value. By offering their products only online, Axiom cuts overhead considerably and delivers a product with a high percentage of your investment aimed straight toward premium components like rigid MDF angled enclosures, aluminum woofer drivers and titanium tweeters. Since they know you have to hear a speaker to believe it, Axiom backs their products up with an incredible 30-day no-risk in-home trial. The speakers are transparent and detailed in person, and I doubt you'll even think of sending anything back to the factory. Click the banner above to check out their wide range of products, including some tremendous bookshelf options for tighter budgets, and custom real-wood finished floorstanders for those who want the very best. It's the single most efficient way to improve your home movie viewing experience, and also a great way to help support your home on the 'net for movie collection valuation and management!

the SpaceMan

12/23/05 3:27 pm - And So it Begins ...
Although the production relationship between Sideshow Toy and Weta Studios has run its course, the mantle will now be carried forward by Sideshow alone. Today they have revealed photos of the armoured Uruk Captain Lurtz, the first in a new line of Quarter-Scale Premium format Lord of the Rings Collectibles. These pieces will stand about 18" tall for human-like characters, and will feature mixed media construction, including sculpted polystone, cast metals and sewn fabrics and leathers. If history and early photos are any guide, these should be quite stunning. I suspect many collectors may choose to emphasize favored or key characters by selecting a premium format piece to complement an existing set of busts or 1/6 scale figures.

Priority Pre-Orders for newsletter subscribers will begin December 30th 2005 between 10AM-10:30AM PT. Additional details will be sent by email from Sideshow on Wednesday December 28th. It is likely that an "exclusive" version of Lurtz with a bonus accessory will be exhausted during this early window. You will need to be a newsletter subscriber and Sideshow account holder a day prior to ordering. Your newsletter email address must match that registered in your main account. Current newsletter members will still want to create a password for their account. This new feature can be accessed by clicking here and filling the "Existing Subscribers" blank.

The future is full of exciting new possibilities for LOTR collectible fans! Merry Christmas and happy collecting to you All!
the SpaceMan

12/13/05 2:23 pm - Welcome to Attakus
Hello All! - I'm pleased to announce the newest addition to ToyTracker.Net's value indexing service: The 1/5 scale StarWars porcelain figures by Attakus. We are currently featuring nearly 200 completed auctions spanning more than two months of data collection. This is beginning to be enough to reveal some pricing trends, but of course the quantity of data should improve dramatically over time.

My continued and sincere thanks to all who choose to support the ongoing development at ToyTracker.Net by following our provided links to such companies as Sideshow Collectibles, Master Replicas, Things From Another World and even eBay!

Seasons Greetings and Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan


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