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 The Balrog: Demon of Shadow and Flame !
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7/24/04 7:14 pm - Five New Busts Now Available!!

The excitement at this year's San Diego Comic-Con continues with the introduction of five impressive new Busts. Click Here for the full listing, or go directly to:The time surrounding the last toy fair was huge for collectors of the full-character LOTR figures and statues. This Comic-Con has become a celebration for collectors of helms and busts! There are five fantastic new offerings now available for order. The first is the 'Mouth of Sauron', who holds parley with the Armies of the West before the Black Gates. He is a favorite character from the books and will appear in December's Extended DVD release of ROTK. The remaining four are a fabulous set of Trolls, representing the surly burden-beasts of war in the great battle of the Pelennor.
Happy Collecting!!

7/24/04 12:01 am - Pictures of Eowyn are UP
The official photographs of the previously available 'Eowyn as Dernhelm' are now up at the offical site. There is a flash-viewer and four good static shots, the most impressive of which showcases the awesome scale of the Morgul Lord. Eowyn's posing is quite dynamic and seems to capture her warrior side fairly well. If you missed out on ordering this pair in their iconic showdown then get over to Sideshow quickly to join the wait-list!

7/23/04 2:51 am - Attention Cross-Over Interest Collectors!!

This is a great time not only for LOTR collectors, but also for those with cross-over interest in Sideshow's other fantastic product lines. A few of the most impressive new offerings can be seen here:I got into tracking LOTR because it was my personal interest in collecting. You can be confident we'll be right there from the start for the exciting new StarWars lineup! I'm also interested in polling what other collectible categories my users would like to see tracking for. After a couple months of data collection I may implement a small number of additional systems, based on the strength of interest and response. Please mail your suggestions to spaceman@perspectivevirtual.com.

7/23/04 2:02 am - Five New Helms Now Available!!

This year's San Diego Comic-Con has started off with the debut of several great new Helms. Click Here for the full listing, or go directly to:The next few days promise even more exciting news! Stay tuned for your first chance to order the orc Gothmog riding a giant Warg. If any have seen preview images captured from the Camera Coverage, this one is enormously impressive in both size and design! Also expected is a bust featuring the 'Mouth of Sauron', who will make a highly anticipated appearance in the ROTK extended DVD. We are also getting a first glimpse at the debut pics of the Minas Tirith / Minas Morgul environments to be associated with that DVD release, and of the long-awaited Eowyn figure. Check out the Comic-Con Coverage for day-by-day image galleries of new products. These are exciting times. Happy Collecting to you all!

7/23/04 1:36 am - Exciting Times at PerspectiveVirtual.Com
Thanks So Much to all of you who have helped make this site into a developing success story! Since the major opening a bit over 1 month ago we have now surpassed the 2,000 visitor mark (each counted once per day). New features have been slowly added during this time and we are always open to your suggestions for continued improvement of the site. I send my special appreciation to all those who have supported this effort with kind comments and purchases via the site links. Before leaving today, be sure to check out our brand new Collection Manager to track your own pieces!
Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

6/20/04 4:46 am
Can't afford $2,000 for the original Balrog sculpture? The new smaller sized Balrog of Moria is available here at a considerably more down-to-earth price! The full set of photographs have finally been released and this one looks fantastic. We give a sincere thanks to those who assist the site by ordering via our links.

6/20/04 4:28 am
Sideshow*Weta has announced that several popular items are in 'retirement' status with less than 200 pieces remaining. Snatch these up before they travel onto the secondary market!

6/20/04 4:02 am
A new extremely limited edition (400 pieces) fine art print by famed Tolkien artist Alan Lee is now available for preorder. It features Gandalf on the Eagle Gwaihir soaring above the stone fortifications of Helm's Deep in a scene cut from Peter Jackson's film. This print will be professionally framed and signed by Alan Lee, Ian McKellen and Richard Taylor. Click here for details or to make your purchase order. As always, our sincere thanks to those visitors who choose to shop via our affiliate links.

6/20/04 3:26 am

Sideshow*Weta has recently announced 4 new figures which will be made available to vistors at the Comic-Con show in San Diego starting July 22. Of special interest is the first version of gollum (smeagol) as standard-size bust. Click here for all the details, including your chance to snag one of these rareties without travelling to California!

6/20/04 2:49 am
Sideshow*Weta has announced that the most exclusive of all their figures has now sold down to only ONE PIECE REMAINING! Cast in bronze, and standing two feet tall, this rendition of Gandalf the Grey represents the pinnacle of high end LOTR collectibles. If you are in the rare stratosphere of collectors who can consider this item, then the time to wait has passed! Click here to purchase the last of this 36 piece edition. Remember that your clicks via our affiliate links are a tremendous help to this website. UPDATE 6/27 We have been informed by Sideshow Collectibles that their earlier announcement regarding this piece was in error. Stock is very low, but five pieces of the original 36 are indeed still available. Our apologies for passing on the faulty report.


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