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3/31/11 6:06 pm - EXCLUSIVE 30% COUPON!
Thanks to our good friends at Sideshow Collectibles, we are proud to EXCLUSIVELY offer a 30% discount coupon for the Faux-Bronze Classic Iron Man Sculpture by Bowen Designs (Click here).

The code to use at checkout is CLASSICFB_30, and it is valid only until April 4! There is an ultra-low edition size of only 600 pieces on this item, and only about 15 remain in stock, so ACT QUICKLY!

Happy Collecting,
The SpaceMan

2/27/11 9:03 pm - Gentle Giant Collecting Data
An error was repaired which has prevented the Gentle Giant section from collecting data recently. I'm sorry to say that we lost about three weeks because of this mistake, but it is now fixed, and functioning properly again.
- the Spaceman

2/1/11 6:55 pm - New Server!
Dear Friends - Many of you know that we've suffered recently through some server problems. I started to notice the corruption of certain files, and problems in the disk drive diagnostics, and took it as a good sign that it was time to relocate. Over the last six weeks or so, I've been busily working to get things set up at our new server location. The new server is MUCH faster and more capable than the older unit, and should be a much more satisfactory and stable home for toytracker.net for years to come. I'm also very pleased to report that a combination of good fortune, up-to-date backups, and some hard work have kept the losses minimal. In fact, I don't believe that any auctions were lost. I've managed to keep updating data reasonably well also during the interim, and only perhaps two days of information went uncollected. Several of the eBay auction thumbnail images were lost, but even many of those have been recovered to a point which may allow future restoration.

There have been a million little things to configure and test to make sure that all systems are operating consistently in the new environment, and of course I've taken some time to rethink the systems layout a bit while I had the hood open. Also, I've added more than ten new manufacturers, including eFx, HotToys, Museum Replicas, and Electric Tiki. These are all available in the "Search Auctions" section, where you can do your own customized data queries. This news item is actually also a test, and one of the last tests to get the new server finally live. If you're reading this, it worked, and you're on the new site!

Enjoy, and Happy Collecting!
The SpaceMan

8/9/10 5:22 pm - Choose Your Price!
I'm pleased to announce a very nice new feature which enhances the information content of each main category price guide page. As long time site users know, toytracker.net reports a variety of different price gauges for each tracked item, including MSRP, the main "VALUE" which is more reactive to recent sales, the "STABLE" value which indicates the longer term worth of an item, various LOW and HIGH figures, and a simple AVG. On each category page, there is now a selection box which allows you to change which of these prices to view, and dynamically update the display in real time. As before, hovering your mouse over the displayed figure will pop up a box which shows all eight pricing types together for comparison. As always, the best thing to do before you are ready to either buy or sell is to click the magnifying glass icon to verify good sorting, and check individual recent auctions.

Happy Collecting!
the SpaceMan

8/14/09 11:18 pm - Pricing Anomaly Fixed
Certain site users have sent me notes pointing out a pricing anomaly effecting a small number of items. As an example of the error, the Gimli 1:10 Scale Classics Bust, which trades around thirty dollars, was listing a value of over four thousand dollars. The specific circumstances leading to this strange behavior have been identified and program alterations have been made which should make this type of runaway unlikely in the future. Please be assured that the errors were not widespread, and were confined only to cases where just a few data points were available. When more data points are available, the existing algorithms work quite nicely, without any changes, to take account of a long trading history while dynamically favoring recent sales.

Thanks and Enjoy!
The SpaceMan

1/17/09 2:27 pm - Custom Auction Search Feature has been Added!
A new custom user search experience is now available for use here. I'm tremendously excited about the new possibilities which this opens up, and consider it to be one of the most significant single feature upgrades which I've made during five years building and managing the site. You can now specify your OWN set of keywords to create custom queries of our extensive database, including words to be excluded, and a set of words from which at least one key must match. You can specify minimum and maximum price ranges, and can even opt to display auctions which did not conclude in a successful sale.

Most importantly, you can now track the sales history of items which have not yet made it into the official catalog, including products by TEN new manufactures which have never before been part of our officially tabulated reports! Years of data from Cinemaquette, Code 3, Darkhorse, DC Direct, Diamond Select, Hard Hero, Kotobukiya, Medicom, Palisades and Untited Cutlery is now accessible, and our classic roster of Sideshow, Weta Collectibles, Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, Attakus and Bowen designs is of course available for searching as well. For each query, you'll get full statistics reporting including the usual availability of graphs, and the relevant details for each included matched listing (title, price, currency, type of sale, etc). As an additional bonus, the new "eBay Right Now" button displays currently available auctions that match your search criteria!

Use of the search feature does require a login with your existing Collection Manager password. If you've forgotten your login info, it is easy to request a new password here. If you don't yet have an account, registration is also quick and easy. Note when searching that the database (manufacturer) to be queried is selected with the dropbox. I hope that you'll all enjoy, and I'm looking forward to some early feedback.

As always, Thanks to all for your interest in the site. I continue to enjoy working to make it better, and I hope that you continue to enjoy using it. Your assistance in bringing these effort to the attention of a wider group of fellow collectors is always appreciated!

the SpaceMan


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